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摘要:小编特地为您整理 SAT2真题 相关资料,快来下载领取吧! SAT2真题 资料小编整理不易,每一份资料都是值得我们仔细去钻研的。同学们如果想顺利考出优异的成绩,提前一系列备考工作一定不要忘了哦.只有真正将资料吃透,考试时候才能得心应手。下面我们一起来看看资料内容,希望能给大家的备考带来更多的启发。 American History 201111 1. A


American History 201111

  1. A major characteristic of the Anasazi culture in what is today the U.S. Southwest was

  (A) the building of large mounds for burial grounds

  (B) potlatch ceremonies to display one's wealth

  (C) sheepherding

  (D) the erection of long houses

  (E) the building of cliff dwellings

  2. In writing an essay about the establishment of Massachusetts Bay Colony, all of the following points should be included EXCEPT

  (A) the colony began as a joint-stock company

  (B) Separatists were a major portion of the colony’s population

  (C) the General Court was a representative body that governed the colony

  (D) the right to vote and to hold public office was limited to church members

  (E) the General Court passed the first set of laws in the English colonics

  3. Which of the following statements best describes government under the Articles of Confederation?

  (A) The Confederation government established guidelines for settling the Northwest Territory and admitting the new states to the Union.

  (B) Because of the colonists’ experience with Great Britain, the Articles of Confederation had been written so that real power remained with the states.

  (C) States could not make treaties without Congress’s approval nor could the states pass laws that conflicted with treaties made by the central government.

  (D) The Confederation government was hampered in its ability to levy taxes.

  (E) Because of sectional interests, the central government could not agree on whether

  or not to set customs duties or how high the tariffs should be.

  4. Which of the following developments is

  NOT associated with the Gilded Age?

  (B) African Americans’ migration to industrial cities led to “white flight.”

  (C) New inventions made communication between cities easier.

  (D) Many industries came to be dominated by a small number of large companies.

  (E) Corruption in politics became more public and widespread.

  5. The chief reason given by Woodrow Wilson for requesting a declaration of war against Germany m 1917 was the

  (A) refusal of Germany to accept the Fourteen Points as a basis for peace negotiations

  (B) need to establish a League of Nations after the war

  (C) resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare by Germany

  (D) economic rivalry between the United States and Germany

  (E) cultural ties between the United States and England

  6. The social gospel is a term usually associated with the

  (A) Second Great Awakening of the 1820s and 1830s.

  (B) abolitionist movement of the 1840s and1850s.

  (C) urban reform movement of the 1890s and 1900s.

  (D) fundamentalist Christian movement of the 1920s.

  (E) political movement of the religious right during the 1980s.

  7. Black Tuesday is a significant day in U.S. history because it marks the beginning

  (A) U.S. involvement in World War II in 1941.

  (B) the Depression of 1929.

  (C) the atomic age with the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945.

  (D) World War I in 1914.

  (E) the great blackout in New York City in1976.

  8. Which migratory arrow on the map above correctly illustrates the predominant migration pattern of U.S. citizens within America from

  1950 to 1980? (A) A

  (B) B (C) C (D) D (E) E

  9. What was the Congressional committee investigating the Watergate scandal looking for in the White House tapes that led the Supreme Court to grant access to these private recordings?

  (A) Proof of a conspiracy among President Nixon’s staff to use any means necessary to win the Election of 1972

  (B) Infighting among the White House staffers to determine which Nixon adviser would give information leading to the prosecution of the others

  (C) Proof that President Nixon knew of the break-ins at the Watergate complex and was complicit in the attempt to cover them up

  (D) Proof that money was offered to White House staffers to encourage them to lie under oath

  (E) Signs that presidential advisers were trying to distance themselves from the president because they believed his

  actions were illegal

  10. What policy proposal by Ronald Reagan did George H. W. Bush call “Voodoo economics” during their campaigns to win the nomination to be the Republican presidential candidate in 1980?

  (A) Supply-side economics, or Reagan’s idea that tax cuts would provide incentives for businesses to cause prosperity to return to the United States

  (B) Reagan’s commitment to add even more deficit spending to the Keynesian model for the federal budget that was employed by the Carter administration

  (C) Reagan’s assertion that the federal government should become the chief employer of the majority of Americans who would then support tax increases to raise their own salaries

  (D) Reagan’s belief that all economic decisions should be made on rational grounds rather than on moral or ethical grounds

  (E) Reagan’s desire to double the salaries of the president, Supreme Court justices, and the members of Congress just on the heels of a deep

  11. Which statement best describes the significance of Samuel de Champlain’s contributions to the establishment of New France?

  (A) He explored up the St. Lawrence River and founded the settlements that became both Montreal and Quebec.

  (B) He established the boundary with what would become New Amsterdam by discovering the lake that bears his name.

  (C) He explored the upper length of the Mississippi River watershed and claimed the area for France.

  (D) He established the fur trade with the American Indians of the Great Lakes region that became the basis of the economy of New France.




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